Bread-Making Angel

Bread-maker —A random acts of kindness story

Today I was just blown away. 

First Momma comes home with this piece of total YUM — my favorite Chilean Sea Bass.

I’ve been having a bit’o trouble recently with food … on an uber-healthy, super-restrictive anti-inflammation eating plan … and getting sick on many of the uber-healthy things that I attempt to put into my mouth.

Not to worry, I am on a journey of discovery!

I can’t say for sure which specific details she told the girl she described to me as “the nice blonde lady at the fish store” but I can only imagine!

Well, she comes home telling me …

A. “The nice lady wants to know what you can eat” and …

B.  “I told her how you tried to make no-flour/no-dairy bread and … (this is the miracle part) … the nice lady said, “I love to bake. Bring me the recipe then come back the next day and you will have bread!”


Is that just the coolest, the kindest and the most amazing thing you have ever heard in your life?

I have never even met this nice lady!

As I told Gary, he started to say, “You should give her a Jewel…”

No need to even finish that sentence. I’d already done it.

Bread-making Angel —A random acts of kindness story

PS: This is all about random acts of kindness … Usually The Jewelry Fairy’s mother does not walk right up to someone and hand them a gift but I suppose that’s just the way this one was meant to play out. Thank you, my bread-making angel! ♥

PS#2: I hope that my bread angel has better luck with this than I did! When I attempted to make it, all I got was a delicious little lump instead of a loaf of bread … Just thinking of it makes me laugh inside. Laughing inside is good.

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