Cool Momma: Adventures in Trust

Random acts of kindness story


Ok so this one’s tricky.

I almost tripped myself right up thinking, “Now who the heck is gonna wear¬†this one!” It is *so* very specific, like writing a personal ad.

The new owner …

  • Must love pink
  • Must be ¬†bold (or at least willing to wear a big, funky cuff on his or her arm)
  • Must be young at heart

Once my friend Pam’s daughter bought a cuff that I had made. It was black, with a clay face on it and if I remember right, it even had a feather. Talk about bold!

Wrapping my pink cuff up, I said, “I don’t know about this one, it would have to be a teenager.”

Momma replied, “Or a cool momma!”


Hey, I’m 47 years old and I would totally wear a funky cuff.

So it turns out this one is the ultimate in dropping judgment, freeing up and just trusting.

Trusting that the exact right person will receive this.

And that whatever their response is, it will be perfect. Good or bad, right or wrong. Everything is always perfect.

To top things off … I know where I’m feeling called to leave this. And they’ve got a loooong driveway! Yikes! I like leaving these gifts in complete anonymity and a long driveway is *way* not ideal for that!

Trust. Trust.

Ok universe … Let’s see where this goes!

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