Freeing Up, Listening and Letting Go

Butterfly for little girl

So now I’m just going on pure intuition.

I have a bunch of bags made up but only two are ready to be released.

How do I know they’re ready?

I feel them calling to me. The others don’t feel like that.

Today I have two places in mind to drop off surprise gifts. The first is a house where I envision a little girl who would just love this …

And … the moment I created that vision, I immediately let go of it …

Because whose ever hands this lands in will be the perfect hands.

Maybe she will keep it … maybe pass it along to a precious daughter or niece … or maybe this will find its way into the hands of a “he” who will bring it to its new home.

Whatever it is will be absolutely perfect. This I know for sure.

It feels good to follow inspired action … doing something when you feel it in your gut to do it … when you have a deep inner knowing that it feels loving and light and airy to do something.

So often in life, we push or do things because of an end goal or result. Instead, freeing up and just listening to the inner nudges … well, it feels like a butterfly, how perfectly synchronistic!

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