Healing Heart: Selfishness Falls Away

My favorite heart necklace

This one is the toughest of all so far …

Because I absolutely *adore* this necklace … It just radiates all of my favorite juicy and magical colors. I’m so in love with it!

And that means that this is the most special gift.

When you give something you’d really and truly want to keep for yourself, that’s when you know it’s got the best energy attached to it.

Beautiful energy is infused when we allow any niggling little selfish tendencies to fall away and just open up our hearts to give.

Pretty much what it’s all about, right?

The colors in this necklace speak to me of healing and joy.

They’re the colors of the ocean waves and clear, pure water … ¬†fresh air and new growth sprouting up.

This necklace is a treasure to me and means so much to my heart.

And so … It is for you, whoever receives it.

A healing heart.

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