Lifting Me

Random Acts of Kindness Story — Lifting Me

I’ve been feeling such intense physical and emotional pain lately that each day has come to feel like this struggle to stay afloat.

Yesterday I was lying there attempting to allow the feelings to move through me and away.

That’s what seems to work best yet for whatever reason I still sometimes have the knee-jerk reaction to want to resist.

Resisting only feels worse, I’ve come to find.

If I label what I’m feeling as “bad” and push against it, it pushes even harder.

So I laid down, envisioning angels all around me and they were breathing in the pain, taking it out of me and away, dispersing it. This somehow helped just a bit.

The thought arose to log on from my phone and post a picture of some jewelry I’d made a while ago and that felt good.

For some reason, pictures lift me.

They make me happy … taking pictures, posting them, looking at them … anything to do with pictures lifts me.

And so here I am. Blessed for that gift of things which lift me.

I am embracing those things, giving thanks for them, and looking for where I can weave them into my life just a bit.

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