Love Bomb Number One


For ever-so-long I’ve been dreaming of dropping little love bombs all over my town of Hampton Bays. Well today I thought of it again and this time, I felt this warm little¬†poof of energy in my heart.

It was time.

I wanted to call it the daily love bomb but who knows from one moment to the next how I will feel, riding the waves, whether I will be in a swell or a dip.

Next thought: Weekly love bombs. Less commitment to daily up-for-it-ness.

Next thought: What is time anyway? It is ever-changing and perfect miracles in every given moment, whether it’s per day or week or month. The important thing is the feeling in the heart … that light and delightful feeling of “Yes! Go do it!”

That inner yaay.

Today I felt an inner yaay.

This one is a pearlescent peachy clay flower I made a few years ago, with a little jewel inside. When I went through my jewelry stash, this one called me.

For whatever reason, there is one house in particular which I’ve been envisioning dropping off a little gift to. I have no idea why. I do not know who lives in there, not even the tiniest detail … not even if it’s a man or a woman or (as I envision) a combination of both. Or maybe a little family.

I hope someone will feel joy when they receive my flower. Of course, I will drop that in favor of unattachment … Drop it off and allow it to be whatever it is meant to be.

And hmmm … I wonder if there’s a nicer thing to call an unexpected gift dropped off to an unsuspecting stranger … I don’t know but for some reason “love bomb” feels like what it is.

And so it is ..

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