My Surprise Muffin

Col and her surprise muffin

The scene: On our way back from my echocardiogram/chest x-ray bonanza, another beyoooootiful doctors’ office to experience. (Since when do doctors have offices that look like hotel lounges anyway? Seriously! Can I live here?)

We spontaneously stop by FeelGoods Café  for a super-healthy, preservative-free Sweet Potato Spinach Edgy Burger / Salad Combo with roasted sesame dressing.

Healthy + Yum = Perfection.

On my way out, I attempt to ignore the little shelf of muffins and cookies which are yelling, “Col, Col! YO!”

Our eyes meet. I love a good muffin. I keep walking.

Driving home, Gary declares his intention to pit-stop at the convenience store for a cup’a joe. Um, hang on a sec there, bud—If I remember correctly, you gave up coffee weeks ago! (I remind him playfully.)

Of course he can do absolutely whatever he wants to do but a supportive girlfriend is required to at least remind you before letting you do absolutely whatever you want to do, right? Didn’t I read that in the rule book?

In exchange (I’m told) I can have something I’ve got a hankering for too … that should make it even, says he.

Hmm, this just might work.

Well, I haven’t been having cookies and muffins and ice cream and … the options are endless as a parade of sweet things and bread-like things swim before my goo-goo eyes.

He teases me, “Maybe you shouldn’t. What do you think?”

Maybe I shouldn’t, I don’t know. But I really wanna!

We arrive. Go time. I’ll wait in the car.

Gary: “Where’s my wallet?”

Me: (holding it up) “Here!”

Gary: (continuing around back to the trunk) “Where?”

Me: (moving it in the window towards the back) “Here, right here!”

Gary: (opening up the trunk) “What?”

Me: (smushing the wallet against the back window) “Here, here!”

Suddenly, in the side window, up pops Gary’s monster-grin next to this HUGE muffin. “I got you a muffin! It’s gluten-free! I hid it in the trunk!”


I love this guy.




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