Opening to Acts of Love

Image- Random acts of kindness story“Last year and this year Robin Rice offered women the opportunity to receive Christmas presents from complete strangers…women who maybe were going thru transitioins in their lives who didn’t think they would be receiving any Christmas presents that year. Last year I took a deep breath and allowed myself to receive…and the woman who got my name took some time, looked at my art, looked at my facebook page and totally tapped into who I was. I burst into tears when I opened my package. It’s been a long time since I had felt so seen and well received.

Look up Robin Rice and talk to her about why she does what she does. She told me that allowing myself to receive would change me. It did.

It’s not easy. People assume because of such and such that things are different than they are. There is also power in the act of opening to these acts of love. It helps us see how much we really are worth and how much we deserve.”



Note from Col: Learn more about Robin Rice at Be Who You Are.


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