Redefining Valentine’s Day


Random Acts of Kindness - Valentine's Day

“My single girlfriend has been counting down the days until Valentine’s Day since mid-January, as if it’s a court date for a romantic misdemeanor. Now that the calendar is flashing February, she’s warped herself into a V-day panic. WHAT will she do with herself on this dreaded day? Sit alone in her condo, slurping bowls of Special K, watching reruns of Sex in the City? Huddle in a crowded bar with her single girl posse? For Anita, “love” has become a battle hymn.
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 Don’t let another day pass, February or not, before you open your heart. I’m challenging you to commit to 14 gestures of love over the next 14 days; simple gestures that pack a lot of love with a minimal amount of effort. If you promise not to let a lack of a mate stop you, I’ll promise I won’t let having a long-term mate stop me. Can you imagine where this could take our spirits, our energy, and our lives if we were to really celebrate the greatest emotion we will ever share? Go ahead; let’s toss our love pebble out to see how far the rings will travel.
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 One of the greatest gestures of love is an unconditional one. Don’t let an opportunity to commit a gesture of love for a perfect stranger pass you by, especially if you can stay anonymous. Pay for the person’s order behind you at the drive-thru. Tuck a valentine under the front wiper of every car you park beside in the next two weeks. Doorbell ding your neighbors with heart shaped sugar cookies. The crazy, cool miracle of committing a gesture of kindness for a stranger is the state of giddy joy that overcomes you as you sneak away.
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 Go ahead, redefine Valentine’s Day. Take up the challenge with me and see if 14 days of loving gestures will change your February. What do you think happens to our soul when we focus on love? Do you think it may trigger those who receive it to embrace love themselves? Be careful, you may enjoy this so much; you’ll be spilling love right into Christmas.”

—Monica Wilcox


Note from Col: From “How to Redefine Love This Valentine’s Day: 14 Gestures of Love.” If you like this excerpt (me too!) … you’ll just *love* the full article!


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