Reverse Pick-Pocket: Contagious Joy

Random Acts of Kindness — "Reverse Pick-Pocket"

This one was pure joy.

Normally I don’t know or even see the people I leave these surprises for but this one was different. This one was delicious.

Maria and I were in the grocery store and suddenly my heart just smiled so big because I saw this daddy doing a little dance move at the end of the cereal aisle.

In his shopping cart was an adorable baby, with a couple of cute little kids toddling along side.

I envisioned one of the kids seeing him at the end of the aisle like that and I know that their hearts were smiling too, even if they were too young to express it.

His energy was contagious and in that moment I knew something was meant for that family.

Well this technique was brand new for me … matter’a’fact I made it up right then and there.

I put one of the little bags up my sleeve (thank GOD my ex-boyfriend Dean was into sleight of hand!) and awaited my opportunity to pull a little reverse pick-pocket.

I figured I’d pop it into their cart when they weren’t looking.

Well, how often is somebody not looking when there’s a tiny baby in their cart, right? Dang! This one would be trickier than usual.

The guy was singing Christmas carols and I was smiling inside.

Pretending to be sooooo very interested in this waffle (who buys an individually wrapped waffle at the checkout anyway?) I continued skulking around until there came a moment, a split hair of a moment, when the woman was looking one way and the man was looking the other way … I mean really, it was a sliver of a moment!

I quick put my arm over their cart and slipped the little gift bag right out PLOP! on topp’a their stuff.

Then I walked away fast.

Very fast.

See, luckily I hung out with Dean long enough and he ruined enough tricks for me to know that the key is … wait til they’re distracted, then act quickly and confidently. I saw my moment and I took it.

Dean woulda been proud.

Comin’ ’round the corner, Maria instantaneously knew what I had done because I was gleefully omg-ing like crazy.

She said, “Go back! Go back and see their reaction!”

No, no! I never do that. I secretly would soooo love to know or to witness it but I just do it and go the opposite direction.

Without even knowing it, that guy made my night tonight. His energy was so lighthearted and my whole experience was infused with that. Thank you, unknown father!


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