What Do They Say?

"What do they say?" —A random acts of kindness story

Veeeery few people know that I’m doing this.

The ones who do have been asking, “What do they say?” (As in, “What do people who receive a surprise gift say?”)

Thing is … I never know what’s going on on the other end. The recipient end.

I hope it’s a playful and fun thing. I can’t even imagine, to be honest.

When I’ve received a random act of kindness, I’ve felt first surprise (almost like shock, like you don’t know what’s even going on) … then glee (like over-the-moon) … then appreciation and something like pure love.

Which is exactly why I’m doing this.

I feel like if we experience this type of thing here and there, it’s sure to infuse the world with some sort of positive energy.


That’s my intention.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tonight Maria was over my house and I explained to her what I wanted to do.

I had one bag that I knew for sure wanted to go out. I knew not where.

I wanted her to choose with me where to bring him to start him off on his new journey.

When she told me she was going to the grocery store, I suddenly wanted to take three.

The other two were not even ready … Well, they were ready but I hadn’t written their stories and didn’t even know they would be going. So sorta not fully ready.

Who cares! I had the intense desire to take all three.

Surprise love-bomb mission!

Next time I wanna take TEN!

Yes, TEN sounds like way fun!

The Jewelry Fairy Hat

So I put on my hat and said, “I don’t know if this fits me, it sorta wants to fall off.”

“N’no, wear that. You look like a jewelry fairy,” said Maria.

That is a big compliment. 😉 If I look like a jewelry fairy then I am definitely wearing this.

And off we go!

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